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Pooled Phenotypic CRISPR Screening

Quality results, right the first time

Interrogate cell systems at the whole-genome level. Find out the action of drugs, toxins and pathogens. Define gene essentially.

Benefits of pooled screens

  • Up to whole-genome level screening
  • NGS-linked readouts
  • Proliferation or phenotype (e.g. FACS)
  • Longer assay time points possible

How it works

  • Lentiviral sgRNA libraries designed for whole genome, gene family subsets, or custom gene list screens
  • Very high complexity screens are possible, up to 8 guides per gene; lower complexity can be run when the project requires
  • Custom pools are synthesized on demand
  • Every library is quality checked for representation, distribution, and particle titer to ensure consistent results; every experiment, every time
  • Data reports include raw data, quality metrics, and analysed data with hit calling
  • Leverage pooled screening for:
    • Detection of genes involved in sensitivity or resistance to a therapeutic candidate
    • Genes involved in synthetic lethality
    • Patient stratification
  • Screen with CRISPRko, CRISPRi, or CRISPRa, or a combination of approaches to maximize biological understanding

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