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Edit-R synthetic single guide RNA libraries

Increase productivity and efficiency with one-part guide libraries!

Arrayed library collections of predesigned synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA) for knockout screens across the whole human genome in addition to druggable, human gene families, and rest-of-genome options.


  • Screen in more complex cell types and experimental models eg stem cells, primary cells, IPSCs and more
  • Achieve more reliable and robust gene knockouts, with algorithm optimized design using our proprietary Edit-R algorithm
  • Avoid extra liquid handling which the two-part system can create
  • Obtain high-confidence phenotypic results. Three unique sgRNA designs per gene, provided as a pooled reagent. Use in primary cells which require single delivery
  • Have flexibility and breadth. Available as crRNA cherry-pick libraries; simply upload your own gene list and customize your plates
  • Add stability and enhanced editing functionality
Synthetic sgRNA


  • Ideal for arrayed screens. Select from the whole human genome, the Druggable genome, and predefined gene families
  • Cherry-pick libraries formats available as pools of 3 or individual reagents per well
  • 100-mer RNA oligos targeting every human gene
  • Modified for increased stability and functionality with Contains 2x MS (2’ O methyl phosphorothioate) modifications at the 3´ and 5´ ends
  • Choose from arrayed 96-well or 384-well plates, available as gene family collections. Echo-qualified 384-well plates available upon request
  • Provided  in pools of 3 sgRNA per gene at standard nmol amounts for the Druggable genome
  • The Rest-Of-Genome library available as pools-of-3 guides per gene or individuals with 2 guides per gene 
  • Two MS sgRNA modifications for added stability

Cherry-pick your library

Learn about custom build options for synthetic sgRNA libraries.

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Do you prefer a two-stage guide approach? 

Why not read more about our Edit-R crRNA libraries. Predesigned synthetic crRNA collections for arrayed screening across entire gene families for human and mouse. Use in rapid loss-of-function studies.

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Poster: gene activation with synthetic crRNA

Chemically synthesized crRNA:tracrRNA enabling gain-of-function studies, featured in poster entitled
‘Potent transcriptional activation using CRISPRa with synthetic crRNA.’
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