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BLAST Search Tool

BLAST searches allow investigators to query the Dharmacon clone collection for cDNA and ORF clones containing specific sequences of interest. This is particularly useful when looking for novel or poorly-annotated genes, specific variants, or sequences that are conserved in different species. In order to identify clones that contain a consensus sequence of interest, please follow these instructions in order to successfully run the BLAST query:

  • Begin by selecting either the nucleotide or peptide database
  • Type a name for the BLAST search that you are performing
  • Paste or enter a nucleotide or peptide sequence into the Sequence box
  • Select the BLAST Database by choosing the species of the organism that you are querying in the drop-down menu
  • Click "Submit"

Once the Result Name moves from the "Running Jobs" field to the "Completed Jobs" field, clones that contain a match to the queried sequence can be identified and added to the shopping cart.