Certificate of Analysis

Easily access all the product information you need in one, simple document - Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

You can find this on the product pages of the website, under the Protocols and Documents section. Alternatively, you can search by product name or ID using the search function, and filter by resources. 

Catalog product shelf life and ISO status

Product format Product shelf life  Product ISO status 
Genomic DNA (excluding HD829 and HD840) 44 months  13485:2016 
Myeloid (HD829) and Lymphoid (HD840) DNA reference standard 27 months  13485:2016 
FFPE RNA (HD834, HD835) 24 months 9001:2015
FFPE RNA (HD784, HD783, HD796) 45 months 9001:2015
FFPE DNA (SNB number lower than 35429)  48 months  13485:2016 
FFPE DNA (SNB number higher than 35430)  60 months  13485:2016 
Idylla MSI & Idylla MSS (HD-C1639, HD-C1636) 24 months 13485:2016 
Cell-free DNA in synthetic plasma/matrix  24 months  9001:2015 
 Cell-free DNA in Synthetic Plasma/Matrix II 13 months  9001:2015 
Cell-free DNA/Circulating tumor DNA in buffer  36 months  13485:2016*
Formalin-compromised DNA  24 months  9001:2015 
How to calculate the expiry date of your product

1. Find the date of manufacture (DOM) on the product tube label or CoA

2. Add the relevant number of months, as shown in the table above


  • Date of manufacture: Aug 2019 
  • Product shelf life: 60 months 
  • Expiry date: Aug 2024

If you have any questions about our diagnostic reference standards, our Scientific Support team are happy to help 

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*Refers to all Oncospan cell-free DNA, and other cfDNA products manufactured after January 2020. Batches prior to this date are 9001:2015 status.