Consistency in end-to-end workflow validation and routine monitoring with patient-like molecular material

Our reference standards are cell line-derived, which means they maintain genomic complexity whilst mimicking patient material from sample preparation to downstream analysis. Suitable for Next Generation Sequencing, droplet-digital and Real-Time PCR as well as Sanger sequencing, Horizon reference standards are platform-agnostic for easy implementation into any quality control workflow.

NGS and PCR quality controls support:

  • Validation of end-to-end diagnostic workflows
  • Robust routine monitoring
  • Confirmation of limits of detection & minimal residual disease status
  • Reducing false positives and negatives
  • Assay development and manufacture

Oncology focused reference material

  • Over 370 clinically-relevant variants
  • Pan-cancer variants including CNVs, SNVs and gene fusions
  • Cancer-specific controls for prostate and myeloid cancers – with more coming soon!
  • Allele frequencies as low as 0.1%

Key features

  • Cell line-derived material is patient-like with full genomic complexity
  • Available in gDNA, FFPE, cell-free DNA and formalin-compromised DNA formats
  • Developed and manufactured under ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015
  • Partnered with global EQA and proficiency testing bodies

If you need a specific set of variants, our simple made-to-order online tool can help you create your own reference standard in 5 simple steps.

For bespoke material, our in-house cell line engineering team can support the design of almost any oncology-focused reference standard. Contact us to discuss your project.

Custom RNA synthesis

Product Formats

Controls for all workflow steps, including FFPE, gDNA and ctDNA

Analysis Techniques

Reference materials designed to support your sequencing platform

Sample type

Patient-like controls for liquid biopsy and solid tumor assays, as well as whole genome sequencing


Our largest pan-cancer panels, with over 380 variants to support pan-cancer assay validations

Create your own reference standard

Use our online tool to create your own control material in 5 simple steps