Webinar: How to utilize PDX tumor models to evaluate your research or preclinical compounds

Category: in vivo Models

Tumor heterogeneity is a challenge in cancer research and drug development. Examination of cancer cell lines does not offer a comprehensive view of a tumor or tumor microenvironment. This is where it can be helpful to examine a patient derived xenograft (PDX) model of tumors. PDX models are typically implanted as dissociated cells or tumor fragments into immunodeficient mouse models which may then be used for in vivo efficacy studies, allowing you to accelerate your oncology research or drug discovery and development programs, including applications for preclinical drug screening, preclinical combination therapeutics screening, identification and analysis of biomarkers. Horizon Discovery, the sponsor of this Lab Tools webinar, offers cancer model collections as ungrafted PDX suspensions or as comprehensive in vivo efficacy studies.

Topics Covered:

  • Selecting the right breast cancer or melanoma PDX line to support your research goals
  • Constructing optimal experimental design and pre/post study characterization services

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