Webinar: Knockout Rat Models More Predictive and Translational Models for Autism

Category: In Vivo Models

The underlying cause of autism remains unknown. However, recent studies have suggested a genetic basis. With these recent discoveries, animal models play a key role in preclinical research and Horizon's knockout rat models have shown to be an ideal model to study the physical and cognitive characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

We'll be discussing:

  • Knockout rat models are a more ideal species for behavioral analysis research
  • How Fmr1 and Nlgn3 knockout models demonstrate a number of ASD traits, including decreased social play and repetitive behaviors.
  • How the characterization of these models will aim to facilitate even more understanding of the disorders

Speaker - Kevin Gamber, PhD | Director of Marketing

Kevin joined Horizon Discovery in 2011, where he focuses on developing and commercializing gene engineering services in cell lines and animal models, with applications in neuroscience, ADME/Tox, immunology, oncology, and cardiovascular disease.

Kevin completed his PhD at Saint Louis University School of Medicine where he studied the regulation of neuropeptide Y release by cannabinoids in the rat hypothalamus. he continued pursuing his interests in the neural control of energy balance as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School where he investigated the mechanisms of leptin resistance in proopiomelanocortin neurons in diet-induced obesity.