Choose modifications for siRNA, ssRNA, 5’, 3’ & internal bases, and labels and dyes

We are pleased to announce some great updates and additions to our custom synthesis website resources and products. It is now easier than ever for you to learn about our extensive options for chemical modifications to customize RNA.

Simplified Organization!

We’ve made it easier to explore chemical modifications by location (5’, 3’ or internal) and RNA type (siRNA, ssRNA).

More Options!

You will notice more extensive options for custom synthesis!

Simplified Ordering!

Choose the type of RNA and position in the oligo that you are interested in, and you will now see only those modifications that apply to your choices. Try it out!

Introducing Baseball Cards!

While they may not be collected and traded by your kids, these cards will help you understand the extensive options you have for chemical modifications – and what they do! Simply click on the name of the modification and a detailed explanation, code, references, and structure will appear.

0.05 µmol Synthesis Scale for ALL Custom RNA

This economical scale offers flexibility for people looking for a smaller amount of reagents for trial experiments, proof of concept experiments, delivery optimizations, etc.

We are excited to implement these improvements and will be constantly updating our offerings and capabilities. Do you have ideas for something else you’d like to see on these pages? Let us know what you think! Hit the “Feedback” button on the left side of the website.

Need help getting started?

Have questions about custom RNA synthesis? Ask a scientist on our Scientific Support team! Start a chat or call us - we are here to help.

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