Arrayed collections of lentiviral sgRNA libraries for high-throughput knockout screening!

Edit-R Lentiviral sgRNA libraries enable high-throughput analysis of hundreds of genes with multiple target sites per gene across the Human Druggable Genome; targeting approximately 8000 human protein coding genes. In contrast to pooled screening, arrayed libraries enable single-well analysis with a wide range of phenotypic assays; including high-content assays and alternative morphological or reporter-base assays.

Delivered as E. coli glycerol stocks, these libraries provide a valuable renewable resource that can enable screens in many cell lines. Whether the desire is to screen a small gene family (e.g. Proteases) or the entire Druggable Genome, lentiviral sgRNA libraries support your scientific goals. The Edit-R Lentiviral sgRNAs express a chimeric structure comprised of a crRNA and tracrRNA fused through a short linker for the programming of Cas9 nuclease and creation of DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs). In the Edit-R lentiviral sgRNA vector backbone, the gene-specific sgRNA is expressed under the control of a human U6 promoter, while expression of the puromycin resistance marker (PuroR) is driven from the mouse CMV promoter and allows for rapid selection of cells with integrated sgRNA.

Highlights of the Edit-R Lentiviral sgRNA Arrayed Libraries

  • Edit-R Lentiviral sgRNA are selected by the Edit-R algorithm as highly functional and specific to their target sequences
  • Up to four unique sgRNA designs per gene
  • Conveniently arrayed in 96-well plates of E. coli glycerol stocks
  • Plasmids can be isolated and delivered directly to cells or packaged into lentiviral particles for more difficult cell types
  • Can be combined with the promoter flexibility of Edit-R Lentiviral Cas9 Nuclease Reagents for knockout screening in biologically relevant cell types
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