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siRNA libraries as a discovery tool

For over 10 years, siRNA screening has been embraced as a powerful method for unbiased, genome-wide functional studies, or focused pathway and gene family analysis. However, the availability of quality siRNA libraries has been limited to human and mouse systems, due to the investment required by vendors to generate these large, synthetic siRNA reagent libraries. This has left researchers working with livestock, companion animals, agricultural pests, or in fields with other non-human and mouse models without a quality toolset for functional genomic screening.

Addressing the needs of a wider community

To address this need and alleviate the heavy resource cost for producing large, synthetic siRNA libraries, we are pleased to offer Dharmacon Zoonome™ siRNA Libraries. Rather than using our chemical synthesis platform, which generates high quality siRNAs in large amounts, we have developed a novel enzymatic process that is optimized for generation of on-demand arrayed libraries. With this method, we only manufacture an amount that is suitable for a single researcher, so there’s no extra material, and no extra cost!

Getting started

The primary requirement for production of a Zoonome siRNA library is to start with a species that has an annotated genome. Specifically, is there a database of gene identifiers that map to genes and transcripts, has defined coding regions, etc.? Don’t know if your species’ genome is well annotated? Our bioinformatics team is here to help. They will assess Ensembl™ (Genome Research Limited) or Refseq databases for source data that is suitable for your mammal/fish/insect/pathogen/creepy-crawly of choice. We will let you know if your organism has a suitable genome in one of these two sources. You can also check our list of pre-validated species to see if your organism of interest is already approved! Then once an order is placed and a gene list is provided (1000 gene minimum), those same bioinformatics experts will use our proprietary SMARTselection siRNA design algorithm to select siRNA designs for high knockdown efficiency and good specificity. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your 100% custom Zoonome siRNA library to arrive!

zoonome alternative methods 

Chemical synthesis of siRNA involves fewer steps than our novel enzymatic method, but is more expensive overall and result in a larger quantity than is appropriate for a single end-user. Zoonome siRNA libraries utilize this novel enzymatic method to generate on-demand arrayed siRNA libraries for model species where synthetic libraries are not available.

siRNA pools and individuals

There is a large body of data supporting the use of siRNA pools (a combination of different siRNAs targeting the same gene) as a reagent that is both highly functional and more specific, due to the lower relative concentration of each siRNA. As a screening reagent, a siRNA pool has the additional advantage of reducing the overall number of wells, when compared to screening with multiple individual siRNAs per gene.

In support of this strategy, all initial Zoonome siRNA library orders are fulfilled as pools of four siRNAs. When subsequent deconvolution, or investigation of each individual siRNA, is desired for secondary screening, simply submit your hit list (minimum 80 genes), and the same enzymatic process will be carried out for generation of a library of four siRNA individuals. Please note that all requests for Zoonome libraries of individuals must be subsequent to or concurrent with a pooled library order.

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