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The Dharmacon Technical Support team is made up of PhD trained scientists with over 50 combined years of experience supporting Dharmacon products. We’re happy to discuss your project in English, French, German, or Spanish; and have teams in both the US and Europe to provide flexible service hours.

There are a number of options to reach us:

  • Live Chat is one of the most popular features of our website. It’s a convenient way for our technical support team to answer simple inquiries or send links to products or protocols, etc.
  • Phone support is perfect for more in depth discussions. Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable technical support team for advice on the best reagent for your application, experimental set-up, or even troubleshooting.
  • Email our team when you have a custom request that goes beyond the pre-designed items available on the website. Our team will be happy to lead a feasibility study to see what personalized options we can offer. Maybe you need a second opinion interpreting your results, or troubleshooting help? Send us your data by email—we’re happy to offer tips and tricks we have learned over years of making and using these products!

See what our customers are saying:

  • “After days of searching that was the first helpful conversation!!!”
  • “I received thoughtful and knowledgeable answers to my questions.”
  • “Thank you I hadn’t thought of that, very helpful point. I appreciate your help.”

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