Find out if synthetic crRNA in multiwell plates is the right option for your CRISPR-Cas9 project

You may fall into one of these categories of researchers who could make their discoveries faster and easier with customized or predefined collections of Edit-R synthetic crRNAs. This dual guide RNA system is ideal for rapid knockout analysis of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of genes at once!

  1. You want to do knockout studies for multiple genes

    Maybe you have some hits from an siRNA screen that need some additional validation, or there's a handful of interesting genes in your pathway that you want to characterize; wouldn't it be great to knock them all down in one experiment?

    The Cherry-pick library plater enables you to simply load a gene list and choose from our algorithm-designed synthetic crRNAs – we recommend 3-5 crRNA per gene – add them to a plate, throw in some non-targeting controls, and add to your cart! You only need a minimum of 20 filled wells for a plate order, and with five different well quantities to choose from, as well as plate replicates, you'll easily get a plate that is perfectly customized to your research.

  2. You want to analyze lots of PAM sites in your gene of interest

    Maybe you’re looking for a highly efficient crRNA for precise insertion via HDR, or saturating a genomic region for investigation of regulatory elements, or systematically testing pairs of crRNAs for doing large deletions. Whatever the purpose, the CRISPR Design Tool lets you design or upload tens to hundreds of custom crRNA designs for delivery in convenient 96-well plates.

  3. You want to carry out unbiased loss-of-function screens

    Which kinases regulate your pathway of interest? Are there ubiquitin enzymes that impact your protein’s localization? Get answers to these questions with gene knockout screens with Edit-R crRNA libraries. Choose a gene family or pathway that reflects your targets of interest, and submit a pricing request. Don’t see your collection of interest? Not sure which quantity to order? Get in touch with our technical support team to get all of your questions answered.

Availability of custom and predefined Edit-R crRNA arrayed libraries


Arrayed crRNAs

Where to start?

Next step

Predesigned crRNA to target your list of genes

Cherry-pick plater

Upload your gene list

Custom designs for target gene(s) or genomic region

CRISPR Design Tool

Enter a gene target or DNA region to generate designs, or load your own designs

Gene family libraries

Edit-R crRNA libraries

Submit a quote request for the pre-defined collection that suits your experimental goals

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