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Expert talks - now available


With 2020 behind us, we enter 2021 with a euphoric feeling of renewed recognition for science. To acknowledge the global scientific community and everything that has been achieved over the past year we hosted a "Celebration of science day" appreciating scientist superstars. Now these engaging talks are becoming available to view on-demand.

Talks available include:

"An insight into siRNA screening from the Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility", by Dr. Stephen Brown of Sheffield University

stephen b slide 1 screenshot

"From CRISPR screening to therapeutics: how orthogonal validation can aid the discovery of novel drug targets", by Dr. Panos Zalmas of Wellcome Sanger Institute

Panos Z. Slide 1 screenshot

"Development of arrayed CRISPR/Cas9 screening protocols for High Content Phenotypic Assays", by Dr. Rico Barsacchi of MPI-CBG

Rico B Slide 1 Screenshot

"CRISPR without the cut: Introducing CRISPRi - PAM-anchored transcriptional repression", by Dr. Steve Smith, Product Manager at Horizon Discovery

steve s slide 1 screenshot

"Panel discussion on CRISPR Screening"

COS panel discussion slide 1

"Ask the scientist - Reagents troubleshooting Q & A session"

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