CRISPR editing video series

Considerations for successful CRISPR-based cell line engineering

This series is ideal for anyone new to CRISPR or seeking to improve the accuracy or efficiency of their cell line engineering experiments. Our expert cell line engineers outline the most important considerations for planning and executing successful CRISPR-Ca9 based gene editing experiments.

Topics covered include:

  • Cell line optimization
  • Genetic variation considerations
  • Guide RNA selection for functional gene knockout
  • HDR mediated knock-in
  • Screening/clonal isolation
  • Validation techniques

Watch a quick overview of the series 

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CRISPR gene editing - Background

Learn about the background of CRISPR gene editing.

Cell line optimization - Part 1

Learn about methods for optimizing transfection efficiency and key considerations for downstream analysis, including clonal isolation and cell culture homogenization.

Genetic variability considerations - Part 2

Learn about considerations for genetic variability in your cell line, including gene lethality, copy number, pseudogenes, and phenotyping strategies.

Functional gene knockout - Part 3

Learn about guide RNA design for highly specific and efficient functional gene knockout.

HDR mediated knock-in - Part 4

Learn about guide RNA and donor design for HDR mediated knock-in.

Clonal screening - Part 5

Learn screening strategies for clonal isolation.

Validation Strategies - Part 6

Learn about strategies for validating your edited cell line.