CHOSOURCE advances biotherapeutic production

See how the CHOSOURCE expression platform is currently being used to advance commercial biotherapeutic production pipelines.

CHOSOURCE™ GS KO cell line: optimization, improvement strategy, and case study

Dr. Tulshi Patel introduces the CHOSOURCE™ Expression Platform, followed by Dr. Meiling Lim's overview of Sanyou Bio's approaches to enhance bioprocess in CHO cell lines through molecular design, screening, and process optimization strategies.

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Cell lines for optimizing biotherapeutic production workflows

Dr Allyn Spear discusses Elanco Animal Health’s experience implementing the CHOSOURCE GS knockout cell line for building a biotherapeutics research program in animal health.

Are you stable or transient? Optimize your biotherapeutic workflow

Jounce Therapeutics have successfully integrated the CHOSOURCE platform to build efficiencies across their drug development workflow. Michael Cullivan highlights the benefits of transient and stable transfections of CHO cell lines for various production purposes using their own experiences.

Optimizing Biotherapeutic Cell Lines for Continuous Manufacturing

Learn from Jeffrey McGrew, PhD, Scientific Director at Just-Evotech Biologics on how the CHOSOURCE line has enabled them to implement intensified low-cost manufacturing processes in their bioprocessing workflow.