Webinar: Cancer drug development: better, stronger, faster


Catherine Ulich, Ph.D, Field Application Scientist - Horizon Discovery

Biomedical researchers within pharma, biotech, and academic settings spend approximately $1 billion over ten years to develop a new drug (median cost). Optimizing each step of the drug discovery pipeline from target ID to the clinic is critical to success, otherwise setbacks may result such as costly delays, or in worst case scenario, late-stage attrition.

Anticipating these potential challenges, Horizon Discovery has developed solutions that will keep the process moving forward while minimizing risk. These include orthologous methods for interrogating mechanism of action, identifying and validating biomarkers, and characterizing drivers of sensitivity and resistance. As a CRO, we utilize our CRISPR gene editing and modulation expertise as well as our complementary cell-based services to provide support to the scientific community.

In this webinar, Dr. Ulich will discuss options to guide you through the process and outline Horizon’s commitment to improve the success of partners’ research goals. Finally, she will provide examples of alternate strategies that can be employed to address common issues along the drug discovery and validation pipeline to enable forward progression.  

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