Knockdown studies are prevalent and powerful ways to illustrate gene function. CRISPmod CRISPRi reagents deliver a new mechanism for gene knockdown, PAM-anchored gene interference without creating double-strand breaks. Introducing CRISPR without the cut.

CRISPRmod CRISPRi harnesses the precision of CRISPR to repress gene function at the transcriptional level. We are proud to introduce the first commercially available complete CRISPRi product line, including synthetic single-guide RNA (sgRNA) and a proprietary repressor construct (dCas9-SALL1-SDS3).

Transcriptional regulation via CRISPRmod reagents is well-suited to study any gene and an ideal platform for simultaneous interrogation of multiple genes. Horizon's CRISPRmod CRISPRi is knockdown, not knockout, effectively mimicking the cellular actions of small molecule drugs. These tools present another avenue for important orthogonal validation studies, validating CRISPR knockout or RNAi data.

Join us for this exciting session from the Celebration of Science. We share information about the development of CRISPRi, experimental strategies for successful implementation, and data on the utility and performance of CRISPRmod.


Steve Smith headshotDr. Steve Smith completed a BS in Biological Sciences and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, Colorado. His research in Dr. Deborah Roess's lab focused on membrane events during cellular signaling, using biochemical and optical methods. Professionally, his career has focused on tools to study gene functions as well as microscopy and imaging.