When producing therapeutics a number of challenges need to be overcome to achieve success. An essential piece of this is information about cellular backgrounds and gene targets. By leveraging functional genomic and cell panel screening in unison, greater insights through clear identification of gene targets can be achieved, improving the target identification process.

In this webinar Max Blanck, Senior R&D Scientist at Revvity, will demonstrate this principle with PARP inhibitors, a group of pharmacological inhibitors of the enzyme Poly-ADP-ribose polymerase that are involved in DNA repair. He will explore how, by combining functional genomic and cell panel screen data sets, the efficacy and sensitivity of PARP inhibitors is identified, revealing novel targets for further interrogation.

Discover how:

  • Functional genomic screening and cell panel screening can be used in drug discovery
  • To apply a multi-platform approach for improved target identification
  • Combined datasets are of high value as shown through a PARP inhibitors case study

Speaker: Max Blanck, Senior R&D Scientist - Revvity