Any new NGS assays coming to market need to be properly validated before they can be used for patient testing, as errors can occur in sample handling, library prep, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis – which can lead to inaccurate test results. Horizon offers a wide range of reference standards to support the validation of NGS sequencing assays, from development to routine quality monitoring.

In this webinar, we will discuss the requirements for assay validation, how to select the correct reference standard, frequent challenges and best practices.

Speaker: Hannah Child, Product Manager - Horizon Discovery

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the main criteria to check when introducing a new assay to your labs testing menu
  • Recognize how to select the most appropriate reference standard for your assay
  • Learn the best practices for initial assay validation and routine quality monitoring

You can search through our broad range of Reference Standards by:

  • Application (e.g. NGS or qPCR)
  • Product Format (e.g. FFPE or cfDNA)
  • Product Type (e.g. RNA Fusions or Multi-gene Multiplexes)