In a demanding therapeutic discovery industry, gathering rapid information to identify promising molecular targets and carrying your asset forward is critical to securing funding milestones to get close to the clinic. Data obtained by cell-based high throughput gene editing screening and automation technologies are crucial to support decisions.

Alleviate the obstacles, focus on other priorities, and accelerate the discovery of new therapeutics by outsourcing with our industry-leading cell-based screening solutions. Whatever modality you are developing, including small molecules, biologics, and oligo-based therapeutics and wherever you are in the development process, from target ID through to preclinical studies, we have the expertise and resources to support your research needs. 

We specialize in providing screening services that leverage the know-how of our experienced scientists and cutting-edge platforms to generate high-quality, reproducible data required to help you make the right decisions.

Discover how our services can support your therapeutic development process today.

Cell engineering and screening services

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Functional Genomic Screening

Identify gene function, investigate drug/gene interactions and characterize therapeutic targets and biomarkers

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Cell panel screening

Identify cancer types that respond to your therapeutics using the extensive OncoSignature™ cell panels

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Immune cell screening

Get data from primary immune cells when identifying novel targets with CRISPR and screen therapeutic efficacy in an immune-cell microenvironment

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