Screening libraries & services

From target identification to patient stratification


Rapidly advance your drug discovery and development program with Horizon's expert screening services.
Our functional genomics screening utilizes our industry leading CRISPR and RNAi technology platforms, as well as state-of-the-art laboratory automation to reduce time and cost. OncoSignature™ cell panel screening tests novel therapeutic compounds across large banks of standard 2D cancer cell lines or 3D spheroids, whereas our immune cell based assay services test a therapeutic's effect in various immune cell environments.
We also offer a wide selection of validated whole genome and predefined gene family, pathway, or druggable libraries for CRISPR knockout, activation and RNAi screening.

Functional genomic screening

Identify and characterize therapeutic targets and biomarkers
  • Determine relevant gene function
  • Investigate drug/gene interactions
  • Choose from CRISPR or RNAi platforms

Cell panel screening

Identify cells that respond to your therapeutic
  • Obtain trustworthy, reproducible data sets
  • Receive full analysis and comprehensive report
  • Screen in 2D and 3D models - spheroid and organoids

Immune cell-based assays

Evaluate therapeutic efficacy in immune-cell environments
  • Cytotoxicity assays
  • Immune suppression assays
  • T cell proliferation assays

Screening libraries

From whole genome to predefined pathway or gene families
  • Choose from CRISPR, CRISPRa and RNAi platforms, in pooled or arrayed formats
  • Or easily design your own custom mini-library to only screen the genes you need

Validate your target hits: use cell-based screening services

Do you need a trusted partner to support your validation studies?  Our team of scientists can help you achieve actionable results.