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Screening libraries and services

From target identification to patient stratification

Functional genomic screens

Identify and characterize therapeutic targets and biomarkers

  • Determine relevant gene function
  • Investigate drug/gene interactions
  • Ensure data quality - generated using the latest CRISPR or RNAi reagents

Cell panel screens

Identify cells that respond to your therapeutic

  • Obtain trustworthy, reproducible data sets
  • Receive full analysis and comprehensive report
  • Screen in 2D and 3D models - spheroid and organoids

Screening libraries - want to do it yourself?

Ensure library specificity - algorithm optimized guide RNA

  • Choose from CRISPR, CRISPRa and RNAi, pooled and arrayed formats
  • Freedom with custom library design

Benefit from 10 years experience

480 CRISPR screens completed and more ongoing

Professor and Principal Investigator, whole-genome drug-gene interaction screening

"We trust the Horizon team for their expertise, quality work and timeline."

Immune cell-based assays

Evaluate therapeutic efficacy in immune-cell-based environments

Validate your target hits: use cell-based screening services

Do you need a trusted partner to support your validation studies?  Our team of scientists can help you achieve actionable results.

Cell-based screening services

Find the right service to match your goals

Choose from a range of services for:

  • Target ID
  • MoA studies
  • Drug profiling