2D OncoSignature™ Long-Term Assay Specifications & Readouts

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Rapidly profile your compounds or biologics of interest as single or combination therapies, in an extended assay format. Obtain high quality, actionable data to drive your drug discovery program forward.

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OncoSignature™ Long-Term Assay features
  • Screen across a diverse, clinically relevant panel or a more focused, tissue-specific panel
  • Cell lines grown in vendor-recommended media
  • 10 point, 3-fold dilution for single compounds
  • 9x9 full dose response matrix for compounds in combination
  • 240 h treatment times
  • Growth Inhibition measured by ATP levels
Final data report includes
  • Growth inhibition measured by ATP levels
  • Single agent report - dose response curve, response area, max response, doubling time, IC50 & GI50
  • Combination report - dose matrix and model score (i.e., Synergy Score, Loewe Volume Score, Bliss Volume Score)
  • Chalice™ and raw data files provided
  • Chalice™ viewer software provided

    Oncosignature Long-Term Assay (LTA): cell panel screening of slower-acting therapeutics
    Oncosignature Long-Term Assay (LTA): cell panel screening of slower-acting therapeutics
    Slower acting inhibitor classes (PARP and EZH2 inhibitors) showed greater responses in the 10-day LTA (shift to right along X axis, as indicated by arrows) compared to the standard 6-day assay. In contrast, responses for a faster acting therapeutic (WEE1i) were generally similar (points distributed along X=Y line indicating equal response at 6-days and 10-days). Notably, analysis of max response for Olaparib showed that cytotoxic response (>100% growth inhibition) only became evident in the longer duration assay (lower graph).

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Long-Term Assay application note

View the data behind the long-term assay service that allows for the profiling of slow acting or epigenetic drugs for 10 days across a clinically relevant panel of 248 cell lines

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