Datasource Query

The datasource query panel is used to specify the characteristics of observation blocks to be subjected to analysis and output in a dataset.

Individual characteristics of observation blocks are specified by selecting an attribute, an operator, and one or more values which are to be tested using the selected operator. Multiple values specified for an individual characteristic are tested serially, and all observations blocks which match based on the attribute, operator, and any individual value are considered to match the specified characteristic.

Specifying Data Characteristics - 1

The reserved keyword, "with", can be used to search multiple substances for combination results: "Aspirin with Acarbose", for example. Note that there is an implied wildcard (*) following each term so searching for "Aspirin with Acarbose" is analagous to searching for "Asp with Aca" except that the latter would also return results for Asparaginase with Acamprosate.

Multiple characteristics can be specified (using the [+] button) and are considered in parallel to determine the subset of observation blocks that match all specified characteristics.

Specifying Data Characteristics - 2

Multiple groupings of characteristics can be specified by invoking the [||] button in the leftmost column header to create additional groupings. Each grouping of characteristics is considered serially, and all observation blocks matching the characteristics of any group are subjected to analysis. Groupings are portrayed using alternating background color.

Specifying Data Characteristics - 3

Any individual characteristic can be removed by invoking the [X] button at the rightmost position of each line.

The datasource provides enumerations for some attributes. If an attribute is enumerated, then the query panel will display the […] button to the right of the value(s) editor. Invoking the […] button will cause the value selector form to be displayed.

Specifying Data Characteristics - 4

The value selector form is used to select one or more values to be included for the individual characteristic. Available values are shown in the listing on the left. Included values are shown in the listing on the right. Both listing support the selection of multiple items using the <ctrl> and <shift> keys. With items selected in the available values listing, the [>] button will cause those values to be represented in the included values listing. With items selected in the included values listing, the [<] button will cause them to be excluded from the included values listing. The [>>] button will cause all values from the available values listing to be included in the included values listing. The [<<] button will cause all values to be excluded from the included values listing.

The filter field is used to refine the list of available values based on one or more keywords or phrases. When keywords are present, separated by whitespace, the available values list is restricted to only values that contain all of the keywords in the filter field. Keywords containing whitespace may be entered by surrounding the keyword with the quotation character.