Exporting Tabular Datasets

The active data set can be exported to a tab delimited file for use in external analysis programs. The exported data set is created by actuating the export button and selecting a location and name for the exported file.

Creating PDF Reports

PDF reports can be generated for individual result items. Each result item forms the basis for a single report page. The PDF report can be single a combined report for multiple data items or alternatively multiple individual files for each data item.

Step 1 - Select items to include in the report. Available options are "Entire Data set", "Active Filter", and "Current Selection".

Step 2 - Refine included items. The items in the current selection can be further refined for inclusion in the report by modifying the state of the checkbox associated with each item in the list.

Step 3 - Choose an output mode:

Single combined file

When this option is selected, each of the items becomes a row and each of the attributes becomes a column. The result is saved to a tab delimited text file. In this mode, multiple attributes can be selected but any attribute that represents an "Image" or a "Preformatted Text" value cannot be output into the text file. Instead, the value "(drawing)" or "(text)" is placed into the output "cell". A file naming dialog will be displayed when Ok is actuated, and all report pages will be created in the individual file.

Individual file per item

The purpose of this option is to allow the mass creation of exported image or preformatted text files as individual files. Conceptually, this is like exporting a whole column of data and creating an individual file for each cell. This mode is available only when exactly one attribute is selected and the selected attribute is an image or preformatted text type. When Ok is actuated, a file location dialog will be displayed and the individual report files will be created according to the file naming convention specified. The file naming convention interprets text within the square braces to mean a variable attribute of the individual data items. all other text is interpreted literally. To control the naming of the output files, a filename prototype is specified that can contain variable values that can reference other attributes of the exported item. For example, you can export all isolobolograms and name the image files according to the "Title" attribute that is associated with the item to which the isobologram belongs.

Exporting and Reporting