Importing of additional data values is performed by actuating the import button from the main toolbar, and selecting the tab delimited file that contains the additional data values to be imported. Importing of additional data is performed subsequent to querying of data from the datasource.

The import file follow a standard tab delimited format. The structure of the file is one or more columns of data, where the first column represents an existing attribute to be used as a key, and subsequent columns represent atttributes to be appended to the data set.

As an example, the following import file specifies additional test substance attributes named "Att1", "Att2", and "Att3" to be appended to the existing data set. The attribute "Chemical ID" is used as the key attribute.

Chemical ID Att1 Att2 Att3
C-10234 A E I
C-10235 B F J
C-10236 C G K
C-10237 D H L