Kinetic Analysis of Apoptosis

Observing and quantifying the effect of your compound on apoptosis over time

Horizon offers kinetic analysis of apoptosis using IncuCyte real-time apoptosis assays (IncuCyte Caspase-3/7 and IncuCyte Annexin V) and a IncuCyte ZOOM live-cell imaging and analysis system (Essen Bioscience). Time lapse-imaging every 4 hours and automated quantification of apoptotic cells enables the peak effect of your compound to be captured and selection of an optimum time-point for follow up experiments.

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  • Up to 4 cell lines and up to 4 compounds of interest can be tested*
  • 6-point dose response curve (quadruplicates)
  • 96 h treatment time
  • Detection: Cell Player Caspase-3/7, Annexin V or YOYO-1 (general cytotoxicity) fluorescent dye and real-time imaging every 4 h using IncuCyte ZOOM kinetic imager**
  • Analysis: Confluency algorithms are used to monitor cell proliferation/health (phase contrast) and apoptosis/cytotoxicity (fluorescence) over the duration of the assay
  • Deliverables: Interim report, IC50 values (from the whole kinetic or a single timepoint), graphs of kinetic analysis, raw data

*Assessment of drug combinations is also possible. Please enquire for a custom assay, if this is of interest. **Multiplexing of dyes is available for an additional fee.

Case Study: Detection of Cell Growth, Apoptosis and Total Cell Death in Colon Cancer Cells Treated with Novel Natural Marine Product
  • HCT116 colon cancer cells were exposed to a novel natural marine product and Cell Player cleaved caspase-3/7 dye (green) was used to visualise apoptotic cells and the YOYO-1 dye (red) was used to determine total cell death.
  • Cells were imaged every 4 h using an IncuCyte Zoom timelapse microscope and cell confluence, apoptosis and total cell death were automatically quantified.
  • Conclusions: A novel natural marine product causes cytotoxicity in colon cancer cells in a dose-and time-dependent manner. The main mechanism of cell death seems to be apoptosis.


Effect of the Marine Product on Cell Growth, Apoptosis and Total Cell Death

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