Pooled and arrayed T cell screening

Elucidate critical genes for T cell functionality and interactions
  • Choose from a variety of validated readouts and assays
  • Select from focused to broad gene sets
  • Achieve robust and reliable gene knockout results

Arrayed B cell screening

From modulating tumor responses to studying autoimmune disease
  • Identify which genes affect stimulated B cell functionality
  • Use viable and potent edited cells for complex functional assays with other immune cells

Immune cell-based assays

Evaluate therapeutic efficacy in relevant immune cell-based environments
  • Cytotoxicity assays
  • Immune suppression assays
  • T cell proliferation assays

Functional genomic screening services

From target selection to patient stratification
  • Identify and characterize therapeutic targets and biomarkers
  • High-throughput screening in rapid and efficient workflows
  • Orthogonal screening approaches available

What we deliver

Peace of mind your project is in good hands
  • Consultation with our specialist team to define screen goals and scope
  • Key findings and conclusions
  • Data reports with graphs of key data metrics, raw data, quality metrics, & analyzed data with hit calling

The primary CRISPR directive - the next frontier in cell screening

A conversation with Nicola McCarthy, Screening Business Unit Manager

This article from Nature highlights how Horizon is using primary human T cells in high throughput CRISPR screening techniques to improve our customers' drug discovery outcomes.

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