T cell CRISPR screens

Pooled and arrayed primary T cell screening services.
Editing primary T cells to improve T cell immunotherapies.

What our service offers

  • Lentiviral sgRNA libraries designed for whole genome, gene family subsets, or custom gene list screen
  • High complexity screens are possible, up to 8 guides per gene; lower complexity can be run as project requires
  • Deep understanding of donor variability
  • Custom synthesized pools
  • Single-cell RNA-Seq linked CRISPR screening
  • Guide options available on demand
  • - Vector based sgRNA

    - Synthetic crRNA-tracrRNA

    - Synthetic sgRNA

What we deliver

Consultation with specialist team

  • Summary of screen aims
  • Key findings & conclusions
  • Tables and graphs of key data metrics
  • Data reports include raw data and quality metrics
  • Analysed data with hit calling


Functional genomic screening services

From target selection to patient stratification.

Identify and characterize therapeutic targets and biomarkers.

Trusted by 11 of Top 20 Pharma*


Immune cell-based assays

Understand mechanism of action, test biosimilars or identify biomarkers.

Fully compatible with any CRISPR & RNAi screening project.

Pooled vs arrayed T cell screens

CRISPR screening in primary human T cells - extending cell type capabilities

CRISPR screening in primary human T cells - extending cell type capabilities

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