We offer a wide selection of Dharmacon CRISPR and RNAi libraries for high-throughput functional genomic screening – From whole genome to predefined gene families or custom gene lists

CRISPR screening libraries

Edit-R algorithm-optimized guide RNA designed for specificity and functionality

Investigate entire gene families or biological pathways with a broad suite pre-defined CRISPR libraries. Select from arrayed synthetic, pooled lentiviral or arrayed lentiviral guide RNA formats.

RNAi screening libraries

Dharmacon RNAi libraries for comprehensive screening results

Choose from pre-defined gene family or genome wide siRNA, shRNA, or microRNA libraries for reliable gene knockdown screening.

CRISPRa screening libraries

Study genes in their native context using CRISPR activation

Arrayed collections of algorithm-designed CRISPRa synthetic guide RNAs for overexpression screening of gene families, druggable sets, and whole human genome.

Application note - crRNA genomic libraries screens

Find out how the pooling of several crRNAs targeting the same gene into a single reagent can simplify the arrayed screening process.

Screening selection guide

Choose the best screening library for you particular needs.