Achieve high functionality and superior specificity in your pooled and arrayed screens using algorithm-optimized guide RNA designs. Synthetic sgRNA arrayed and lentiviral sgRNA pooled for high-throughput gene editing studies.

Investigate entire gene families or biological pathways with our broad suite of custom and predefined libraries of CRISPR-Cas9 reagents.

Unbiased, powerful loss-of-function screens. The Edit-R CRISPR-Cas9 platform includes predesigned, ready-to-use guide RNAs. Achieve rapid assessment of multiple targets across many genes.

Edit-R synthetic sgRNA libraries

  • Simplify CRISPR editing in all cell types including primary cells with Edit-R synthetic sgRNA libraries
  • One-part guide format to carry out a do-it-yourself screening, avoids extra liquid handling which is created using the two-part system
  • Guaranteed successful editing at the target site using proprietary Edit-R design algorithm
  • Allows customers to perform larger screens

Edit-R lentiviral sgRNA pooled screening libraries

  • Guarantee specificity with algorithm-designed lentiviral sgRNA pools targeting hundreds or thousands of genes supplied as high-titer, concentrated lentiviral particles
  • Increase hit confidence and comprehensive genome screening by using 5 to 10 sgRNAs per gene
  • Facilitate inter- and intra-pool normalization with over 400 positive and negative sgRNA controls in each pool
  • Perform quality screens with increased hit confidence and greater biological reproducibility. Enough lentiviral particle volumes provided to have high average sgRNA fold representation