Perform genome-scale shRNA screening experiments with GIPZ Lentiviral shRNA libraries.

GIPZ whole genome libraries for human or mouse, assembled using innovative bioinformatic tools to reflect the most up-to-date genetic and ontological information. Offered as glycerol stocks of shRNA clones arrayed in 96-well plates.

  • Designed for increased specificity, less toxicity
  • TurboGFP marks cells expressing shRNA
  • Efficient low copy knockdown
  • Genome-wide human and mouse coverage
  • Perform efficient RNAi in primary and non-dividing cells
  • Guaranteed* knockdown

*One out of three GIPZ Lentiviral shRNA is guaranteed to produce gene knockdown by ≥ 70% at the mRNA level when used with a functioning positive control. Knockdown should be compared to non-silencing control, and experimental workflow must be controlled using the provided GIPZ GAPDH positive control. 

Bacterial glycerol stock

Bacterial culture transformed with a plasmid vector, grown in the presence of glycerol for freezer storage and supplied in single tubes (at least three constructs per target gene) and predefined or custom libraries.

Arrayed library format

Genome-scale, predefined or custom libraries of bacterial glycerol stocks arrayed in 96-well microtiter plates.

Gene families and pathways

Predefined libraries arranged by gene family and/or function and arrayed in 96-well microtiter plates.

High-titer lentiviral particles

Transduction-ready concentrated lentiviral particles supplies in tubes. Available as individual lentiviral particles and target gene sets (three constructs per target gene).

shRNA Starter Kit

All reagents and protocols necessary for starting a gene silencing experiment are provided in a single, convenient package.

Fluorescent markers

Visually track expressed shRNA with TurboGFP (green fluorescent protein; Evrogen, Moscow, Russia) or TurboRFP (red fluorescent protein; Evrogen, Moscow, Russia).

Which shRNA reagent is best for you?

Use the table below to assist you in determining the right shRNA reagents for your experimental needs.

Species Human, Mouse, Rat Human, Mouse Human Human, Mouse
Promoter Choice of 7 constitutive and 4 inducible promoters Human CMV Pol II TRE-min-CMV U6 Pol III
Vector backbone Lentiviral Lentiviral Lentiviral Lentiviral
Stem-loop format MicroRNA-adapted MicroRNA-adapted MicroRNA-adapted Simple
Fluorescent reporter gene GFP/RFP GFP RFP
Guaranteed silencing
In vivo RNAi
Create stable cell lines
Recommended for primary and non-dividing cells
Inducible expression
Whole genome library availability Human, Mouse, Rat Human, Mouse Human Human
Formats High-titer lentiviral particles Gene families and pathways Bacterial glycerol stock Arrayed library format Gene families and pathways High-titer lentiviral particles shRNA Starter Kit Bacterial glycerol stock Arrayed library format Gene families and pathways shRNA Starter Kit Bacterial glycerol stock Arrayed library format Gene families and pathways

*For SMARTvector, GIPZ, and TRIPZ lentiviral shRNAs, at least one out of three constructs is guaranteed to reduce target mRNA levels by 70% or more when used in combination with the appropriately matched non-targeting and positive controls.