Accelerate your research with functional genomic screening libraries


Find your target faster via gene family, biological pathway, or whole genome library screens. Offering functional genomics screening libraries for CRISPR, RNAi, and gene expression. With genome-wide collections and gene family libraries, you can achieve short-term gene knockdown, stable/long term knockdown, gene knockout, or even modulate non-coding RNA. Examine pathways or screen a follow-up data set with custom Cherry-pick libraries. You can also choose from expressing or non-expressing ready clones. Drug targets can be found faster via gene family, biological pathway, or whole genome library screens. Select from siRNA, shRNA CRISPR-Cas9, CRISPR activation crRNA libraries, and cDNA and ORF library formats.

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Both pooled and arrayed screens can be employed with our algorithm-optimized guide RNA designs for high functionality and superior specificity.

Cherry-Pick Libraries

Build your own custom screening library of any type

  • Only target your genes of interest
  • Choose from our predesigned product line
  • Fast and easy online configuration and ordering process
CRISPR-Cas9 Screening Libraries

High-throughput gene editing studies of entire gene families or biological pathways

  • Pooled sgRNA
  • Arrayed crRNA
CRISPR Activation crRNA Libraries

Arrayed collections of algorithm-optimized synthetic CRISPR RNA for overexpression screening

  • Gene families
  • Druggable
  • Whole Human Genome
RNAi Screening Libraries

Multiple options for screening small gene families to genome-wide collections

  • siRNA
  • shRNA
  • microRNA
cDNA and ORF Libraries

Pre-defined gene family collections of cDNA and ORF products

  • CCSB Human ORFeome
  • ORFeome Collaboration
  • Mammalian Gene Collection
  • Precision LentiORFs