SMARTvector Lentiviral shRNA

Flexibility for constitutive and inducible lentiviral shRNA expression

Highly effective gene knockdown and flexible vector design options make SMARTvector shRNA reagents one of the highest performing reagents available for RNAi.

  • effective long-term silencing in almost any cell type
  • high specificity and potency through our advanced design algorithm
  • accurate processing and lower toxicity from our patented microRNA-based shRNA backbone
  • flexibility of seven constitutive and four inducible promoters
  • expression tracking with two fluorophores or a no-reporter option
  • gene knockdown - GUARANTEED!
SMARTvector Lentiviral shRNA
  • Advanced microRNA-based shRNA combined with seven constitutive promoters and two fluorescent reporters to tailor SMARTvector shRNA for specific cells. A novel promoter selection tool is also available.
SMARTvector Inducible Lentiviral shRNA
  • Advanced microRNA-based shRNA combined with latest generation of powerful Tet-inducible technology for unprecedented control over gene silencing and reduced off-targeting.
SMARTvector Lentiviral shRNA Pooled Libraries
  • The most advanced shRNA screening tool available. Achieve highly effective gene knockdown using our optimized scaffold combined with promoter and reporter flexibility.
SMARTvector Inducible Lentiviral shRNA Pooled Libraries
  • Combines the advantages of pooled shRNA screening with the power of an inducible promoter. Choose the best promoter and reporter for the optimal experiment.