Dharmacon™ custom RNA synthesis service offerings include siRNA and microRNA, as well as uniquely long and/or chemically modified RNAs.

Custom RNA

Create and order ssRNA oligos with a wide variety of chemical modifications

Custom siRNA

Create a custom siRNA specific for your application

Custom microRNA

Modify an existing microRNA mimic or inhibitor, target a novel microRNA, or request an Accell microRNA for special applications

CRISPR Design Tool

Design and order your own CRISPR guides for use in over 40 species or with an alternative nuclease.
Custom synthesis brochure

Custom synthesis brochure

Dharmacon custom synthesis offers experimental flexibility with limitless modifications, greater yields and faster delivery than any other synthesis service

Incorporate molecular probes at any RNA site

Incorporation of molecular probes within synthetic RNA using the 2’-ACE™-5’-Silyl RNA synthesis platform combined with the Levulinyl protecting group provides excellent yield and superior quality of modified full length RNA. 

Interested in prime editing?

Horizon is the world leader in long oligo synthesis. Contact us to discuss your pegRNA or other long oligo needs.

TIDES Report - Long RNA synthesis

See how 2'-ACE chemistry allows Horizon to design long oligos at extremely high yields, with nearly limitless modification options!