We offer a number of convenient web tools for designing and ordering customized RNA products. Simply select the tool that best suits your experimental needs.

Single-strand RNA design

Design and order single-strand RNA or RNA-DNA chimeras.

Multiple single-strand RNA design

Design and order multiple single-strand RNA simultaneously.

Chemically modified siRNA design

Design and order custom modified siRNA.

siDESIGN Center

An advanced, user-friendly siRNA design tool for identifying functional siRNA in any species.

miRNA design

Modify an existing microRNA mimic or inhibitor, target a novel microRNA, or request an Accell microRNA Inhibitor or Stabilized Mimic for special applications.

SMARTpool design

Custom SMARTpool reagents targeting genes outside of our genomewide offerings, including specific isoforms, splice variants or alternative species.

CRISPR Design Tool

Design your own CRISPR guides for use in any species or with an alternative nuclease.

HDR Donor Designer

Knock-in any gene, fluorescent label, or custom sequence via the HDR pathway.