Browse our extensive selection of validated knockout models, point mutations in cancer-relevant cell models, and Cas9 and dCas9-VPR expressing stable cell lines. All pre-engineered and ready to ship today.

Human knockout HAP-1 cells

One cell background, multiple applications

  • Choose from over 7,500 knockout models
  • Suitable for over 30 common applications
  • Peer-reviewed publications in Nature, Journal of Cell Science, Cell Reports and many more...

Cancer-related cell models

Recapitulate disease phenotype

  • Over 300 knockout and knock-in models available
  • Includes common cell lines such as DLD1, MCF10 and HCT116 
  •  Matched parental cell line delivered for additional control

"CRISPR-ready" Cas9 stable cell lines

Accelerate your gene editing experiments with stably expressing Cas9 cells

  • Available with Cas9 (CRISPR knockout) or dCas9-VPR (CRISPR activation) expression
  • Choose from a range of popular cell line backgrounds
  • Complete gain and loss of function studies in the same background

HAP1 double knockout cell lines

Browse a collection of ready-to-go double knockouts in a predictable HAP1 cell line model.

  • 30 double knockout gene combinations
  • Study the loss of two interacting or related genes  
  • Covering lipid biosynthesis, histone modification, and protein degradation biological processes

Generating a clonal HAP1 LIG4(-) Cas9(+) cell line - an expert interview

Dr. Sebastian Gerety, at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, discusses how leveraging Revvity's HAP1 LIG4(-) cell line accelerates the institutes research and the impact this new cell line will have on scientific discoveries. 

  • The scientific benefit the HAP1 LIG4(-) Cas9(+) will have
  • The challenges faced during cell line development
  • How Sanger Institute utilizes the cell line

Application specific models

Browse over 20 of the most common research areas to find the relevant cell model for your research

Knockout supplier of the year

Our knockout cell lines have become a gold-standard resource for antibody validation and early drug discovery research. Horizon was recently recognized by CiteAb as the knockout cell line or lysate supplier with the most citations in the past year. Read more here.


CiteAb 2021 Award - Knockout Supplier of the Year