Turbo GFP

Localize your protein of interest in live cells with Turbo GFP tagged HAP1 cells

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Cell lines with endogenously tagged genes enable researchers to track protein production and localisation in real time in live cells. These cell lines are also suitable for western blotting, protein pull down, affinity chromatography, immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry among others. These can also be a good solution when working with a protein for which there is no good antibody.

Use of Green Fluorescent Proteins

Turbo GFP has bright green fluorescence visible earlier than fluorescence of other green fluorescent proteins. These properties mean that it is especially useful for live cell applications where fast appearance of bright fluorescence is crucial, such as cell and organelle labelling and tracking the promoter activity.

This example shows HAP1 cells gene-edited to incorporate Turbo GFP at the endogenous level for LMNA, which is a nuclear membrane protein, and for TERF1 which locates to the telomeres in the nucleus, showing the expected patterns of localisation.

turbo GFP Diagram

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FAQ: Turbo GFP tagged HAP1 GFP visualization protocol

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