Gene editing reagents

Empowering researchers to edit with confidence!

Edit-R™ CRISPR guide RNA

Effective CRISPR guide RNAs guaranteed to edit the gene of interest.

Cas9 nuclease

Inducible and fluorescent Cas9 solutions for vector-based and DNA-free workflows.

CRISPR-Cas9 reagent format selection

Gene editing workflow guide

Planning a gene knockout or knock-in? This workflow guide will assist you in selecting the best Edit-R genome engineering tools for your application.

Edit-R™ guarantee

All predesigned Edit-R guide RNAs are fully guaranteed to edit the target gene of interest.

CRISPR controls

Select proper controls to ensure your system is optimized for successful CRISPR experiments.

Knock-in templates

Synthetic single-strand DNA oligonucleotides or plasmid donor templates for precise genomic modification with the HDR pathway.