A genome-scale library of human ORFS in a lentiviral vector, stop codons have been removed and clones contain a C-terminal V5 tag.

The CCSB–Broad Lentiviral Expression Library is a genome-scale expression collection developed by researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and The Broad Institute to provide a sequence confirmed collection of over 15,000 human ORFs in an expression-ready lentiviral system. This library was derived from the hORFeome V8.1 and created to enable targeted experiments and large-scale screening in diverse cell types.

  • Genome-scale expression library of Human open reading frames
  • CMV promoter drives ORF expression
  • Blasticidin resistance allows for selection of transduced cells
  • C-terminal V5 tag for additional utility
  • Native stop codons have been removed