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ORFeome Collaboration Collection

ORFeome Collaboration (OC) clones are fully-sequenced ORFs in Gateway recombinational entry vectors. OC clones are available with and without stop codons.

The ORFeome Collaboration (OC) is a group of academic and commercial laboratories that was formed to develop an unrestricted source of sequence-validated human ORF clones. Using the MGC cDNA clones as starting material, the OC has been able to create over 10,000 full-length human ORF clones, making significant progress toward the goal of providing at least one ORF for each of the ~18,500 defined human genes. Horizon Discovery is a major distributor for the OC, providing individual clones, gene family libraries and whole-genome collections to academic and commercial customers.

The use of the Gateway recombinational cloning system in all of the OC ORF clones allows for efficient transfer of the ORFs from one vector to another, providing the researcher with a broad choice of destination vectors. Furthermore, OC ORFs are available with or without native stop codons, providing options for native and fusion-ready protein expression.


  • Fully-sequenced, genome-scale ORF collection
  • Easily transferable into any Gateway-adapted expression vector
  • Available with or without native stop codons for native and fusion-ready expression
  • ORFeome Collaboration Clones

    ORFeome Collaboration Clones are fully-sequenced human open reading frames (ORFs) subcloned into Gateway-entry vectors and are available with or without native stop codons.

  • ORFeome Collaboration Library

    The ORFeome Collaboration Libraries contain fully sequenced, genome-scale human and mouse open reading frame (ORF) libraries cloned into Gateway-entry vectors.

  • Cherry-pick Clone Libraries

    Choose from our predesigned product lines of shRNA and over-expression reagents to build your own custom library.