Includes the E. coli Keio knockout collection, Promoter-GFP fusions for monitoring gene expression, and tagged ORFs for studying protein-protein interactions. Escherichia coli has long been a model organism for molecular genetics, with the first experiments observing bacterial conjugation occurring in the 1940's. E. coli products include collections useful for further understanding gene regulation, protein-protein interactions, and analysis of mutational effects on gene function.

  • E. coli Keio Knockouts

    The E. coli Keio Knockout Collection was designed to provide researchers with in-frame, single-gene deletion mutants for all non-essential E. coli K-12 genes.

  • E. coli Promoter Collection

    The E. coli Promoter Collection is a library of fluorescent reporter strains in which green fluorescent protein (GFP) is used to measure promoter activity in Escherichia coli.

  • E. coli Tagged ORFs

    E. coli Tagged ORFs include both SPA- and TAP-tagged open reading frames intended to facilitate the mapping of protein-protein interactions in Escherichia coli.