More high-quality RNA for your money.

We take pride in our ability to provide you with the highest-quality RNA at a tremendous value for your experiments. Our proprietary 2'-ACE synthesis chemistry and vast chemical modification portfolio provide an offering of unsurpassed flexibility and functionality. When value and quality are equally important, trust the RNA experts to meet your needs.

What do you value in an RNA provider?

Did you know that our 2'-ACE synthesis chemistry allows us to achieve significantly higher yields compared to other RNA providers? Follow the links below to learn more about how we stack up to the competition.

High Yields

Get 3-8 times more RNA compared to other suppliers!

Lower Prices

Pay significantly less per-nanomole compared o other suppliers

Yields are based on a 1 µmol scale synthesis for unmodified, unpurified RNA.

Superior RNA yields means lower per-nanomole pricing

Because we've researched the competition, we are confident that we can give you more RNA for your money. By providing you with three to eight times more RNA than other vendors, we are offering the lowest per-nanomole RNA prices in the market today!

When you compare pricing from different RNA vendors based on synthesis scale alone, don't assume that you are getting the same amount of RNA. Instead, consider how much you are actually paying per nanomole of RNA. Regardless of RNA length, modification or processing, our 2'-ACE synthesis chemistry results in higher yields than the competition.

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Our flexible platform provides multiple options for RNA synthesis

In addition to single-strand RNA, we also offer the following custom synthesis products:

By utilizing 2'-ACE RNA synthesis chemistry, we provide you with the most options for your custom RNA. Learn more about our available dye labels, chemical modifications and options for purification and processing.

For any questions about our product offering, yield guarantee or the ordering process, please contact Scientific Support.