A robust selection of validated positive, negative, and novel RISC-Free® controls to effectively assess all aspects of RNAi experiments. Controls are critical for the successful application of RNAi. Including the appropriate controls in each experiment adds certainty to the cause-and-effect relationship between gene silencing and siRNA, and aids in the distinction between target-specific and potential off-target effects.

Select a species-specific positive control to silence an expressed housekeeping gene in your experimental cell type. Our panel of non-targeting controls permits assessment of potential non-specific effects, to find the optimal negative control for your cell type, and your assay.

siGENOME Positive Control Reagents Species Catalog Number
siGENOME Cyclophilin B Control siRNA Human, Mouse, Rat D-001136-01
siGENOME GAPD Control siRNA Human D-001140-01
siGENOME Lamin A/C Control siRNA Human, Mouse, Rat D-001050-01
siGENOME Negative Control Reagents Species Catalog Number
siGENOME Non-targeting siRNAs Human, Mouse, Rat D-001210-0X
siGENOME Non-targeting siRNA Pools Human, Mouse, Rat D-001206-13
siGENOME RISC-Free siRNA Human, Mouse, Rat D-001220-01
siGENOME Control siRNA Kits Species Catalog Number
siGENOME Controls Basic Kit Human, Mouse, Rat K-002800-C4-01
siGENOME Controls Complete Kit Human, Mouse, Rat K-002800-C2-0X