Precision LentiORFs are fully-sequenced expression-ready human open reading frames (ORFs) that have been cloned into a lentiviral expression vector with a GFP reporter. Ideal for use in primary or difficult to transfect cells, Precision LentiORF clones are available with or without native stop codons, and secondary tags can be added to the MultiTag cloning site located downstream of the coding sequence.

  • Lentiviral ORF constructs require no subcloning for mammalian expression
  • Fully sequenced coding sequences
  • GFP reporter is transported to the nucleus for easy visualization of expression
  • Clones are available with or without native stop codons
  • Available as individual ORFs, customizable Cherry-pick libraries, defined gene family libraries, or as a genome-scale library
  • Supplied as ready-to-transduce viral particles, glycerol stocks, or LentiORF Starter Kits