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Accell siRNA

Self-delivering siRNA for difficult-to-transfect cells

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Accell siRNA format options

  • SMARTpool:

    A mixture of 4 siRNA provided as a single reagent; providing advantages in both potency and specificity.

  • Set of 4:

    A convenient option for purchasing aliquots of all 4 individual siRNAs targeting a single gene.

  • Individual siRNAs:

    Select 1, 2, 3 or 4 individual siRNAs per gene.

  Approximate # reactions (wells) at 1 µM siRNA concentration (assuming no loss from pipetting)

96-well plate
(100 uL total reaction volume)
24-well plate
(500 uL total reaction volume)
12-well plate
(1000 uL total reaction volume)
2 20 4 2
5 50 10 5
10 100 20 10
20 200 40 20

Due to the unique nature of Accell siRNA delivery, it requires a higher working concentration than conventional siRNAs. This table provides the approximate number of reactions (wells) at recommended 1μM Accell siRNA working concentration in different plate formats (assuming no loss from pipetting).