RNA fusion reference material

Horizon's pan-cancer RNA fusion controls support NGS Seq, RT-PCR and RT-ddPCR workflows

The importance of gene fusions in cancer diagnostics

Gene fusions have been identified in almost all major cancer types

  • ALK, RET and ROS are all involved in approx. 8% of non-small cell lung carcinomas
  • RET fusions occur in 10-20% of thyroid cancers
  • NTRK gene fusions are involved in a range of both adult and pediatric cancer types

Many kinase fusions are actionable targets for cancer therapy with kinase inhibitors.
So, confident detection and identification of specific RNA fusions is vitally important. 

Horizon's 100% cell line-derived RNA reference standards support robust quality control and workflow validation:

  • Compatible with the top NGS-RNA Seq oncology panels and RT-PCR/RT-ddPCR assays
  • Evaluate your workflow integrity from pre-analytical RNA extraction through to fusion detection
  • Optimize and validate new targeted RNA panels and routinely monitor the performance of your assay
  • Determine analytical variability and reproducibility between platforms, laboratories, operators and assays
  • Ensure confidence in your clinical workflow, from RNA extraction to analysis
RNA fusion applications
  • Enable novel cancer assay development
  • Conduct routine monitoring of assay performance and data analysis
  • Support laboratory external quality assessment (EQA) & proficiency testing
Utilize NGS controls to calibrate your assays
  • Improve patient selection for clinical trials
  • Develop early cancer detection methods
  • Assess therapeutic efficacy