HAP1 cell lines - are they the right cell model for you

HAP1 cell lines are a popular choice to validate a range of research experiments, but if you've never used them before, you want to be sure they are right for you.

We've answered the top 5 frequently asked questions about HAP1 cell lines to help you get started.

Can I use the HAP1 cell line for my research? 

The HAP1 cell line has been applied across a wide range of biological processes, including:

  • DNA damage repair pathway
  • Stress responses
  • Disease modelling
  • Antibody validation

These HAP1 review articles show the broad applicability of the HAP1 cell line, and provide characterization data to help your research.

Why are there multiple HAP1 cell lines listed for my gene of interest?

When we perform CRISPR gene editing, we often isolate multiple knockout (KO) clones with successful frameshifts. The differences between them is often the number of bases that are inserted or deleted.

On each product page, in the protocols and documents tab, you can find the datasheet describing the location of the frameshift of each knockout clone.

We have multiple clones available as it is often desirable to use a second knockout clone to validate your experiment, so you can have complete confidence in your results.

What's the difference between in stock and generated on request HAP1 cell lines?

Our HAP1 collection of knockout (KO) cells is the largest library of KO cells available with the same cellular background. We have nearly 3000 different gene targets ready to deliver - many with multiple clones. These are indicated as in-stock on our website.

The remaining gene targets are continually being added and if you are interested in a HAP1 gene KO that is not in stock, we can generate this cell line for you on request.

There is no price difference in the two cell line options, the only difference is when the cell line will be supplied to you.

How soon can I expect my cell line to be delivered?

KO cell lines that are in stock can be supplied in 1-2 weeks.

Cell lines that are generated on request are usually supplied in about 12 weeks. This is because we generate your knockout cell line using CRISPR-Cas9.

I have never worked with HAP1 cells before, how do I know if they look correct?

Our Scientific Support team is happy to advise you and can provide a visual inspection of your culture.