Long non-coding RNAs: How to see beyond the tip of the iceberg?

Thanks to many years of research, scientists all around the world have started uncovering the function that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) have in mammalian organisms. The added knowledge about lncRNAs has changed its classification from “junk” RNA to be the complete proof that our genome is fully functional.

Exploration of lncRNA suggests that it may function in many critical cellular processes, from chromatin remodeling at the DNA level to scaffolding at the protein-protein level, and beyond – revealing that our initial understanding was little more than the tip of an iceberg. However, as our knowledge increases, we need more tools to be able to parse out what is happening in our cells.

At Horizon Discovery, we have a variety of products available to support your research on this exciting topic. Some researchers start with our catalog siRNAs targeting human and mouse noncoding RNA genes in the RefSeq database (Lincode siRNA). Others choose predesigned control sequences to match their experiment. Finally, fully custom RNA oligos allow even more strategies to down regulate candidate lncRNAs to fit specific needs.

Below is a helpful table summarizing the experimental methods from lncRNA peer reviewed publications using Horizon's siRNAs targeting long noncoding RNAs. We hope this information will spark ideas for how to perform experiments to explore yet unknown functions of your favorite lncRNA. Horizon Discovery is confident that our products will help you uncover more about the role of lncRNAs. Please reach out to our technical services group anytime for more information – we’d enjoy helping you get started with lncRNA studies.

Publication title Year in vitro or in vivo Catalog Custom Library siRNA concentration Cell /animal model

Long non-coding RNA FAM83H-AS1 is regulated by human papillomavirus 16 E6 independently of p53 in cervical cancer cells


in vitro X X Not mentioned CaSki

JAK2-binding long noncoding RNA promotes breast cancer brain metastasis

2017 in vitro and in vivo X Not mentioned Mouse/breast cancer brain metastasis (BCBM)

Functional Urate-Associated Genetic Variants Influence Expression of lincRNAs LINC01229 and MAFTRR

2019 in vitro X 5 nM HEK293

Truncated Isoforms of lncRNA ANRIL Are Overexpressed in Bladder Cancer, But Do Not Contribute to Repression of INK4 Tumor Suppressors

2015 in vitro X 10 nM Urothelial carcinoma (UC)
SAM68 is required for regulation of Pumilio by the NORAD long noncoding RNA 2018 in vitro X 50 nM U2OS and HCT116
ANRIL: A Regulator of VEGF in Diabetic Retinopathy 2017 in vitro X 5 nM Human retinal endothelial cells
A ROR1-HER3-LncRNA signaling axis modulates the Hippo-YAP pathway to regulate bone metastasis 2017 in vitro X 15 pmol Lincode MCF-7
LOC285629 regulates cell proliferation and motility in colorectal cancer cells 2017 in vitro X Not mentioned SW480, CCD-112-CoN, COLO-205, HT-29
A conserved abundant cytoplasmic long noncoding RNA modulates repression by Pumilio proteins in human cells 2016 in vitro X 50 nM and 100 nM U2OS and HeLa