Validated CRISPR guide RNAs enable confident screening in primary cells

Revvity’s Dharmacon™ CRISPR portfolio expands with validated CRISPR guide RNAs for complex but critical gene targets, as well as DNA cutting controls for screen normalization in sensitive assays.

Edit-R validation blog figure

CRISPR screening is a powerful method for the discovery and confirmation of potential drug targets. Effective gene editing can be achieved in both primary and immortalized cells with the right tools in hand. During assay development, optimizing cell density, reagent type, and functional readout requires robust editing controls. These include positive controls for specific gene targets and additional controls to rule out general DNA cutting causing a phenotype. These controls validate editing efficiency and the automation process.

Linking a potential drug target to a disease phenotype often requires using primary cells. However, these cell types pose a greater challenge in terms of culturing and genetic engineering. To support screening specifically in this context, we validated two sets of CRISPR guides: neutral cutting controls and validated CRISPR knockout guides for the T-cell receptor.

NEW Neutral Controls:

The neutral cutting controls allow the phenotype under investigation to be normalized to CRISPR-edited cells rather than unedited cells (which may have an advantage in survival or proliferation in some assays). AAVS1 cutting controls target regions of the genome that do not result in functional knockout of a protein, therefore providing an accurate estimation of gene editing efficiency in your desired cell line. Check out the data now.

NEW validated T-cell receptor CRISPR sgRNA:

Knowing the importance of the T-cell receptor in immune cell screens, we functionally validated T-cell receptor (TCR) sgRNAs to be used for efficient CAR screening. Available validated targets include TRAC, TRDC, and TRBS for efficient TCR knockout in primary CD8+ CAR T cells. See how we achieved >90% TCR knockout with these highly functional guide RNAs.

Neutral cutting controls

sgRNA format

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