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Custom synthesis

Trusted oligo synthesis solutions for unlimited experimental workflows

Custom RNA synthesis by Dharmacon™

Create and order RNA oligos with a wide variety of chemical modifications.

Custom RNA design tools

Tools to design and order a variety of customizable gene editing or RNAi reagents.

Customer Quote

"The entire Horizon team has gone above and beyond to understand our unique needs and provide custom solutions for our discovery research programs. I’m grateful for partnerships like this that help my team do more than we could do alone."

- Senior scientist at a leading pharma company

Single-stranded RNA synthesis

Design and order your own single-strand RNA and RNA-DNA chimeras.

Interested in prime editing?

Horizon is the world leader in long oligo synthesis. Contact us to discuss your pegRNA or other long oligo needs.

Midscale oligo manufacturing

Quality custom oligonucleotides for research and preclinical applications.

Synthesizing long & chemically modified oligos

Learn how Horizon uses patented ACE-2' chemistry to synthesize long RNA molecules with virtually any chemical modification.