Tools and calculators


Online tools for checking specificity of CRISPR target sequences, analyzing primers, identifying microRNA seed matches and performing other useful calculations.

Gene editing

  • CRISPR Design Tool

    Generate custom synthetic crRNA sequences for use with the Edit-R Gene Engineering System and swiftly be on your way to gene knockouts!

  • CRISPR specificity analysis

    A fast, flexible specificity evaluator for CRISPR target sites.

  • Edit-R HDR Donor Designer

    Quickly and easily design and order a donor template for precise CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing!

Primer design and analysis

  • Tm calculator

    Analyzes the Tm, MW and extinction coefficient of a primer, and gives dilution instructions.

  • Multiple primer analyzer

    Analyzes different features of multiple primers simultaneously, e.g. Tm, GC content, dimer formation etc.

Biochemical conversions

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