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Tools and Calculators

Online tools for checking specificity of CRISPR target sequences, analyzing primers, identifying microRNA seed matches and performing other useful calculations.

Gene editing

  • CRISPR Design Tool

    Generate custom synthetic crRNA sequences for use with the Edit-R Gene Engineering System and swiftly be on your way to gene knockouts!

  • CRISPR specificity analysis

    A fast, flexible specificity evaluator for CRISPR target sites.

  • Edit-R HDR Donor Designer

    Quickly and easily design and order a donor template for precise CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing!

Primer design and analysis

  • Tm calculator

    Analyzes the Tm, MW and extinction coefficient of a primer, and gives dilution instructions.

  • Multiple primer analyzer

    Analyzes different features of multiple primers simultaneously, e.g. Tm, GC content, dimer formation etc.

Gene modulation tools by Dharmacon

  • siDesign Center

    The siDESIGN Center is an advanced, user-friendly siRNA design tool, which significantly improves the likelihood of identifying functional siRNA. One-of-a-kind options are available to enhance target specificity and adapt siRNA designs for more sophisticated experimental design

  • Custom siRNA

    Easy online ordering of standard, enhanced, and modified siRNAs.

  • Custom miRNA

    Ordering of custom miRIDIAN microRNA; mimics are double-stranded RNA oligonucleotides designed to mimic the function of endogenous, mature microRNAs.

  • Single-strand RNA

    Ordering tool for Single-strand RNA.

  • Multiple Single-strand RNA

    Ordering tool for Multiple Single-strand RNA.

  • Custom SMARTpool

    To complement our predesigned siRNA collections and support a broad range of RNAi experiments, our siRNA design experts can provide custom SMARTpool reagents targeting genes outside of our genome wide offerings, like specific isoforms and splice variants or alternative species

  • Cherry-pick Library Tool

    Turn your gene list into a custom library!

Biochemical conversions

RNAi screening


  • qPCR Efficiency Calculator

    This calculator gives the amplification efficiency of a qPCR reaction based on the slope of the standard curve.

BioIT Beta Tools